Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tanner Boser takes Unified MMA Heavyweight title

For the Bonnyville Nouvelle.

Bonnyville’s impressive list of athletic exports has put it on the map for such sports as hockey, football and boxing, but soon the town may have a name for itself in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
Tanner “the Bulldozer” Boser, of Bonnyville, is now the number one MMA fighter in Canada after defeating Tony Lopez for the Unified MMA Heavyweight Championship Title at the Royal Palace arena in Edmonton on June 3.

“I was the first heavyweight champion for unified, so to come and take it back feels pretty good,” said Boser, who is now also ranked as the 90th best heavyweight in the world.

Boser went five rounds against the six-foot-five Lopez to win by unanimous decision. He now sits on an impressive 10-2 professional record.

“Tony’s super durable. He’s fought over 60 fights,” noted Boser. “He’s never actually been knocked out, he’s just got an iron-freaking-head. So the game plan was to wear him down with some light kicks and keep a distance. Just punish him on the legs and the body for a bit. When he started to slow down, I was able to move in and start feeding him punches and wearing him down.”

Boser added that he was very careful not to get tangled up on the floor with Lopez.

“He took me down once in the third or the fourth, but I got back up pretty quick,” noted Boser. “I don’t want to deal with lanky guys in triangle locks or any of that, it’s not something I want to play around with.”

The win comes as part of a triumphant return to Canada for Boser, who just made an appearance at a show in Grozny, Chechnya as a last minute addition to the lineup.

“It was a wicked show,” commented Boser. “It was a huge stadium, it was packed. You walk down to the ring and there’s fire shooting out and there were tigers for some reason. It was awesome.”
With the whole of Canadian MMA conquered, Boser said he now has his sights set on the big leagues.

“UFC tends to be kind of difficult to connect with. So I’m only accepting big fights,” commented Boser. “There’s no point in fighting someone that’s an easy win, I want to fight UFC fighters or other prospects that have good records.”

Boser, who now lives in St. Albert, said that he trains at three separate dojos to keep his technique up to standard, between two to three times a day, six days a week.

“I usually take Sundays off,” he added. “It’s what I do.”

Boser couldn’t describe what it was about MMA that kept him going back for more punishment, just that he loved it.

“It’s one of the only things I like doing,” added Boser. “I just want to be good.”

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