Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Lakeland Drifters take to the streets to fight cancer

For the Bonnyville Nouvelle.

The Lakeland Drifters ride out from La Corey for the Ride for Dad on June 18
Eric Bowling

The highways of the Lakeland were saturated with over a hundred road hogs out for a good cause this last weekend.

Members of the Lakeland Drifters gathered in La Corey to begin a day-long drive throughout the Lakeland region to help raise funds for prostate cancer research on June 18.

The rally was also intended to promote awareness about prostate cancer.

“They say that one in seven men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer,” said committee member Silke Skinner. “A lot of men are not very eager to get tested, so it’s important that every man talks to his doctor. The sooner they catch it the easier it is to cure.”

Starting in La Corey the bikers rode to Bonnyville, Glendon, then onward to Elk Point and back up through the Lakeland to Cold Lake, before finally returning to their starting point.

While the Drifters are primarily a motorcycle club, race bikes, street bikes, three-wheelers, ATVs and other forms of recreational vehicles were present for the ride.

“Any style of vehicle or bike is welcome,” commented Skinner.

During the ride, participants were also issued playing cards at each stop to assemble a poker hand. Upon arriving back in La Corey, the rider with the best hand won a small prize.

A total of 114 bikes were counted riding out of La Corey and over 150 people registered for the event. In total, the riders raised just over $20,000 for the cause, a slight decrease from the $30,000 they raised last year.

Skinner figured the economy was the culprit in the decrease in money raised.

“When the economy is down, it hurts everything,” she noted. “I’m happy we raised what we did.”
The ride is part of a multi-national movement. Rallies have been held across the country since the year 2000. In the 16 years of riding, the event has raised over $18 million for prostate cancer research. This is the second year the ride was held in Lakeland.

Skinner said she was overjoyed with how the weekend worked out and the Drifters are already working on plans for next year.

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