Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Novice Rock mine gold

For the Westlock News

Westlock has a little bit more gold in it after the local lacrosse team dominated the playoffs last week.
The Westlock Rock Novice 2 crushed the Beaumont Raiders 13-4 to take home the gold medal in the silver division of the Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council playoffs held in Edmonton June 19-23.

“When did I know we would win?” head coach Pierre Ouimet asked. “Probably in the middle of our last game against the Raiders when we were up 9-3.”

“I was pretty confident at that point.”

After an initial round robin of six games, both of Westlock’s novice teams were placed in the silver tier. The Team 2, under Ouimet, then surged to a 6-0 record before entering the playoff tournament.
The tourney began with a 10-9 shootout victory over the Edmonton Warriors and was quickly followed with a decisive 11-4 victory over Rock Novice 1.

The Rock then went on to smash the Edmonton Warriors a second time 9-3 before taking on the Raiders in the final.

Ouimet couldn’t be happier with his team’s success.

“My guys, though the season, got a gold, a silver and a bronze in two tournaments and the playoffs,” said Ouimet, “I saw a lot of development in our kids too. From the beginning to the end they improved unbelievably.”

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


A promotional slideshow I put together as part of a group project for a class.

"Dammit, I'm not your mom!"

A dog named Muckluck attracts a confused group of ducklings while their mother sits more confused in the grass.